Politicians, health officials and companies are making decisions about getting the economy up and running again yet, many of us may feel we have little control over how we make this happen. Hard Bakka Pty Ltd, Steel Fabrication has discovered there are several steps many of us can take now to prepare for a safe return and, for the development and ongoing management of health and safety practices.

To assist with the migration back to work New South Wales workers’ compensation insurer icare, has put together a helpful resource, COVID-19 Recovery Employer Toolkit and, a literature review on the impacts of past public health events on workforce sustainability.

Hard Bakka Pty Ltd while adopting some of the toolkit’s advice has been able to identify operational needs, while planning to return more employees to the workplace during and after the pandemic. icare’s 16-page document has provided practical steps and assisted our structural steel fabrication service business by providing protective measures that can be implemented now.

Three priority areas of focus in the resource were also found to be insightful, – good leadership, consistent and clear communication, and best practice support. Useful checklists are included in the leadership section for workplace preparedness, points to consider prior to returning and, services to support employees during transition.

Meanwhile, the communication category addresses employers’ communicating policy underpinned by consistent communication methods. Lastly, the best practice support section provides references to informative links like government guidance. Download your copy of the toolkit HERE.